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Kailey Lefko - Still Cove YogaKailey Lefko is an entrepreneur from Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba. She has started her business called “Still Cove Yoga” from the supports she received from Community Futures’ ELEVATE program.

In Kailey’s words: “I am a school teacher that saw the need for wellness education in schools.

After developing daily mindfulness practices in my classroom and seeing the amazing benefits these simple habits had on my students I knew I had to share these curriculum-based lessons in a big way.

I completed my yoga teacher training in February 2015 and now I empower and assist teachers in cultivating mindful school communities.

I offer workshops for teachers and students in French and English as well as ready to use lessons for the classroom to facilitate a daily mindfulness practice that is incredibly easy to follow and integrate into the classroom routine. I also teach yoga classes in my community.”

When asked why she has chosen the entrepreneurial path, Kailey’s response is: “Because I have a vision for the future of education that I can dedicate myself to best as a business owner.”

The ELEVATE program has helped Kailey with training and mentoring that gave her the knowledge and support she needed to survive her first year in business.

Her advice to other new entrepreneurs with disabilities is: “Know that the money doesn’t come in very fast in the beginning and it is important to have additional financial support to be able to keep up with the costs that come with having a disability.”

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