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Laura PattonMeet Laura Patton, an entrepreneur from East St. Paul, Manitoba who has started a business by the name of “Nickels and Dimes Money Mentoring”.

She offers Profitability analyses, Workshops and Bookkeeping/Tax service to small businesses in her community and has done workshops as far away as Fort McMurray Alberta.

Through ELEVATE, Laura has learned that she can overcome anything that comes up in business – and that she is able to do more than she thought she could with her business.

Without the supports she received from ELEVATE, Laura says she would be no further ahead than she was a year ago.

She describes the process of working with Community Futures’ ELEVATE program as “awesome”.

When asked what advice Laura would give to new entrepreneurs with disabilities, her response is “be realistic about how much work it is going to be. You will work harder for your first 5 customers than you will work for the rest of them. You have to keep going.”

Laura’s long-term goal is to finish writing her book and develop her on-line training program. She envisions herself being able to get away from the one-on-one training and becoming more of a leader and workshop developer.

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