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Marcy HarrisonMeet Marcy Harrison, Owner / Operator of The Stonewall Sewing Room in Stonewall, Manitoba.

Marcy’s business offers custom sewing, repair, alterations and dry cleaning. Marcy has always wanted to be self-employed and felt that she brought adequate training to the role.

The ELEVATE program assisted Marcy with bookkeeping and she found this support to be very helpful.

Marcy’s advice to other entrepreneurs is to “believe in yourself and your product and others will catch your passion. Others will believe if you believe.”

Looking toward the future, Marcy’s soon-to-be-realized goals are that she will be moving to a bigger space in July, hiring a seamstress that she has lined up through the Canada Summer Student Grant.

She will also have a Fashion Show / Fundraiser for cancer care for new line of coats, and will be getting weighted blankets made for her tradeshow participation.

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