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Regan ProulxRegan Proulx comes to us from the Westman area of Manitoba and she is another ELEVATE success story!

Regan is the proud owner of “Stage Coach” – a home staging and interior design company.

Because of her natural talent in interior design, Regan has a passion for having an organized living space as she feels that is indicative of an organized mind.

She loves being her own boss, making her own hours and doing something for a living that she doesn’t consider to be work.

When asked if she would do anything differently if she could start over, Regan says “I would change the attitude I had towards myself … I wish I could have seen my potential sooner and I wouldn’t have lived in so much fear of failing”.

“Having a disability does not mean it’s the end of your life. It just means that you have an important lesson to share with others, don’t let the fear of your ailment hold you back!”

Regan offers this advice to other entrepreneurs with disabilities considering starting their own businesses.

Regan credits the ELEVATE program with giving her a great template in which to write her business plan. She reports that ELEVATE helped her to see her own potential.

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