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Stacey GardStacey Gard operates Stacey’s Blossom & Boutique, a retail floral and clothing business in Fisher Branch and Teulon, Manitoba, with help she received from the ELEVATE program.

Stacey started this business in her home town, because there were no other businesses offering this particular service so she picked up on the local need for a new shop.

Although she much prefers being her own boss, her advice to new entrepreneurs is to be sure they are prepared for the long hours with very little reward.

She also advises against opening a business in your own community as there is the inherent expectation for provision of free services for friends and that’s not always easy for an entrepreneur in start-up phase.

Stacey reports that the mentorship she received during her participation in the ELEVATE program was “fabulous” and really helped her to get on the right track.

She has hope of expanding her business to a second location within the next five years as well as being able to hire others to help.

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